Mount Tamalpais

The other day we went to the dreamiest place ever and watched the sunset. 


Mount Tamalpais. I swear, every time we explore nature here we think to ourselves, "It can't get better than this, it just can't." And then SF does it AGAIN and shows off it's beauty. Mount Tam has def been the prettiest place I have seen yet. Maybe ever. We drove up a mountain and suddenly felt like we were in colorado, not Cali. There were trees EVERYWHERE covering the mountains. Then you see a glimpse of the ocean in the distance once you get higher up and you are quickly reminded that you are indeed on the west coast. 


It's still so crazy that we live in such a place. I'm pretty sure we say that everyday. There is so much beauty all around, I forget I'm not on vacation sometimes. I love this place. PINCH ME.


These images will speak for themselves.

Side note: It had rained earlier that day, so the clouds were EPIC, but the pictures still don't do it justice.