East Austin Farmhouse

While in Austin this past week, I got the chance to photograph an AMAZING modern farmhouse in my dream neighborhood - East Austin. Bethany Ferguson is the designer and owner of this gem. Her story is pretty rad!

Bethany originally lived in a modern condo in downtown Austin. When her grandparents passed away, they left her all of their farmhouse pieces - chairs, pots, pans, plates, hutches, dressers, etc.

She decided she wanted to keep the farmhouse tradition ongoing and build one herself! Since she loves the contemporary style home as well, she decided to mesh the two styles together. So she hired a guy off craigslist to design the home, then she fixed the design to fit her own perfect style. She found a lot in East Austin, less than a mile from downtown (DREAMY LOCATION). The original house on the lot had two front doors, and a separate house in the back. 

"I wanted to stick with that concept, which led to Airbnb."

Her new home also has two front doors, one is to her home, the other is to an adorable Airbnb unit - which does well considering the location of her home. She also built a two-story unit in the backyard, the bottom half is used as her office, and the top is rented out as an apartment. What a great concept! 

During SXSW she rents out the entire home and the house is used for private tapings of bands and concerts in her backyard. Speaking of her backyard, it is the dreamiest yard I have ever seen. So modern, so clean, simple, I forgot I was even at a house. It has a cool Austin live music venue feel going on, that I adored. She hosts music every third Sunday in her backyard on the beautifully built stage!

Enjoy this Modern Farmhouse that is the best mixture of modern and cozy. THIS IS MY DREAM HOME. Also, check be sure to check out Bethany's amazing spa, Zenwell!